Jameson has a broad range of hospitality experience from working in fine dining, sports bars, and cocktail lounges.
Born and raised in Kansas City, Jameson spenttime professionally in Portland, Oregon and Washington, D.C., and was fortunate to work for and learn from some of the most talented chefs and professionals in the business, including Fabio Trabocchi, Spanish culinary powerhouse José Andrés, and Katsuya Fukushima.

Jameson takes a simple, classical approach to building cocktails, with the goal of taking one to someplace special using thoughtful, seasonal ingredients and innovative plays on color and texture. These elements all come together to tell a story.

After moving back to Kansas City in 2015, Jameson worked behind the bar at República, Il Lazzarone, and Jax Fish House. Jameson now spends time behind the bar at Crossroads Hotel.