Jeanylle Steward, the owner and chef at Coco’s Cafe is excited to be launching her authentic Puerto Rican restaurant this summer on the West side of Kansas City. She brings a revitalized and modern approach to the Kansas City culinary scene from her home town Chicago. “Growing up in the food mecca you are simply exposed to many varieties of cuisines and cultures”, states the owner. Being of both Belizean and Puerto Rican decent she attributes her passion to her greatest influence, her grandmother. “We simply spent countless hours and years cooking the old fashioned way. Lots of fresh herbs and spices and lots of hours slow cooking meats to perfection”. Jeanylle states the best advice ever received was “You will never go if you always cook from the heart”. This advice has been at the core of her cooking and she looks forward to planting this savory staple and full experience to Kansas City.