Miguel Benitez

“Su Sabor Cubano.” Chips and Coins first opened in 2017 as a convenience store and spot for Moneygram options. Customers begin asking for hot food dishes, so Benitez leaned in to his Cuban background and started making traditional dishes like Picadillo with rice in small batches. Benitez noted the lack of Cuban food and flavor in Kansas City. He began offering more items like Cuban sandwiches, tostones and masas de puerco. When word got out, the demand for his Cuban cooking raised. Thus inspired Benitez to expand his small bodega to a full size dining area along with the convenience store side in June of 2019. Today Chips & Coins is a booming business in the heart of downtown KCK, and a place for locals and business people to gather for lunch, meetings, Cuban coffee and camaraderie.